Navarna Chamunda Mantra
The Navarna mantra, also known as the Chamunda Mantra is the most important mantra of the secret ChamundaTantra (Method).

The brevity and simplicity of the mantra belies its power. While every mantra has its own unique effect that is derived from the resonance set up by the sound waves and vibrations that emanate from its chanting and this mantra attains its power due to its completeness in harnessing the power and energy of the Divine mother. However due to the power of this mantra, proper pronunciation and utterance are essential to attaining the right results. Its effect can be changed even with small changes in the ending of each word. So it is essential to be initiated into this mantra with the right guidance so that positive effects may be obtained.

The mantra gains its power because it describes the nine varnas (forms) of BhagwatiJagadamba (Goddess of all Creation). In essence the mantra encapsulates the full embodiment of Parashakti (Supreme Power), who is the Supreme Creator of the Universe, Being the creator of the universe she is also our supreme mother and is thus also known as Paramba (Supreme Mother). In this form she protects her sadhaks (aspirants that yearn to rejoin her) just as a mother looks after her children. Just as a mother changes roles in caring for her children, from a loving mother to a teacher to a disciplinarian, thus the Divine Mother also takes many forms so as to truly care for the children of her creation.

In this divine and balanced combination of the three forms of the Supreme Mother, she is also called BhagwatiChamunda. In the ancient text, the MarkandeyaPurana, the great sage RishiMarkandeya says that this form of Devi forms an essential part of the MritunjayaMahadev (Shiva that has overcome death). Shakti, the female energy is an essential part of Shiva, and while Lord Shiva takes care of his devotees, he can only do so because as ArdhaNarishwara (balanced masculine and feminine), Shakti is an essential part of him. Thus all Shiva devotees also need to worship Shakti.

The navarna mantra is powerful because it is composed of Beeja (seed) mantras of the nine forms of Devi, navarna literally meaning nine forms, nava (nine) and varna (form).

              Bhagavati Jagadamba

                 Chamunda Devi

                  Saraswati Devi

                    Laxmi Devi

                      Kali Devi
Am Rhim Klim Chamundayai Viche
The meaning of each of the beeja mantras that compose the Navarna mantra are as follows:

This is the beeja mantra of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning. Chanting this mantra sharpens the intellect and improves one’s memory. The sadhak (aspirant or practitioner) improves their communication skills and becomes a good orator. The mantra also heals the brain by removing any brain related diseases and disorders.

This is the beeja mantra of Goddess Laxmi. She is the Goddess of wealth and chanting this mantra destroys poverty – both material and spiritual. It eradicates despair and opens new sources of income, wealth and prosperity.

This is beeja mantra of Goddess Kali who destroys enemies and removes all obstacles. Chanting this mantra allows one to control one’s mind. It is so powerful that proper practice can make the Goddess Kali herself appear before the sadhak.

This beeja mantra brings good fortune and happiness to householders, i.e. those living a worldly life. Chanting this mantra removes illness, pain and resolves domestic discords thus providing the householder with a blessed existence.

This beeja mantra uplifts and awakens the soul by activating the kundalini. Its practice leads the sadhak to brahmagyan (knowledge of creation), also known as self-realization.

This beeja mantra provides happiness from progeny (children).

This beeja mantra brings good fortune by removing obstacles, obstructions and other sources of misfortune.

This beeja mantra showers splendor, fame and success to the aspirant. It can accelerate career growth as well as lead to success in the political arena.

This final beeja mantra completes all the other mantras, which is why it is called the king of beeja mantras. It assures happiness through fame, fortune, prestige, family happiness from spouse and children and career success.

As should be obvious by now, the benefits of this mantra cannot be overstated. The opportunity to be initiated in it and to master is to be treasured and it may be characterized as the ultimate elixir for spiritual and material happiness.
                      " Bag Bijam Hi Deep-Samaan – Deeptam
                        Mayoti-Tejo Dwityak Bimbam
                        Kamam Ch Vasvanar Tulya Rupam
                        Pratiyamanam Tu Sukhay Chintyam
                        Ch Sudh Jambo Nad Tulya Kantim
                        Mum Panchamam Raktatar Prakalpam
                        Dam Sashtamugrarti Hare Sunilam
                        Yeyi Saptamam Krishnataram Ripughnum
                        Chei Saptamam Krishnavarn Navamam Vishalam
                        Etani Bejani Navatwakashya Japat Pravadhyay Saklarth Sidhim "